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Harmony NM73 Environmental Noise Monitoring System An Automatic environmental noise monitoring system is consist
of automatic noise measuring instrument, transmission equipment, computer and operating software.
The system provides the information of a noise level, location, device status
and provides the accurate noise data for the establishment
of an environmental noise related policies.

    MN 7301 : Moving type Noise and Vibration Measurement System.
MN 7302 : Fixed type Noise and Vibration Measurement System.
   MN 7303 : Vehicle type Noise and Vibration Measurement System.
        MN 7304 : Multi-purpose Noise and Vibration Measurement System.
Features - Provide an real-time noise data over the internet automatically.
- Statistical processing of the noise level automatically about a daily, weekly, monthly, annual data.
- Installation is non-limited because it can be to connect as an wireless or wired internet.
- Using a weatherproof external microphone is not affected by changes in the climate
    and environment
- Easy after compensate by a compensation device in the system.
- Sound level meter satisfies the standard of IEC 61672 Type 1, ANSISI.4 - 1983 Type 1,
    KS C IEC 61672 -1
- Type Approval of the national institute of an environmental sciences
    (noise, vibration field of study)
Software analysis - Analyze equivalent sound of measurement data per 5min Leq, Lmax, Lmin.
- Maintain ⅓ octave frequency noise.
- Over predetermined sound save as noise - Original Sound file.
- Set frequency correction circuit as A,C or Z (Linear).
- Measuring Frequency part:12.5~20kHz.
- Noise Measuring Range: 30dB ~ 140dB.
- Support Charge Injection Calibration (CIC) Device.
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