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SDS Sound Diagnosis System System to determine an abnormal state of a power generation facility
by the sound frequency in order to analyze the differences in a unique sound
of the steady-state machine. Sound can detect the defects earlier than vibration
so that this system is a suitable to identify disorder states by sound.
features - Unique characteristic Vibration and Sound source analysis of an rotating machinery.
- Constant diagnosis for disorders of a rotating machinery.
- Failure location tracking and preventive maintenance performance in a rotating machinery.
- A Monitoring of other Vibration and Sound occurrence equipment.
- Useful if worker's access is difficult, or it is an impossible to use contact sensors.
- Only Sound Waves measurable which occur in the range to be measured after a filtering out
    ambient Noise.
Software analysis - Possible to analyze abnormal state of a power generation facility by frequency in order to analyze
    the difference of a unique Sound of the steady-state machinery and Sound occurred during
    the operation.
- Extensive supports in the four functions.
- Analysis of changes and management records.
- System able to diagnose by a sound analysis method before expanding to a vibration
    phenomenon occurring due to the power generation equipment damage.
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